Utility Mapping & Drainage Reports

Utility Mapping & Drainage Reports

GPR : Buried Utilities Tracing & Mapping

As well as our full range of topographic, land and measured building surveys, our experienced, qualified surveyors can accurately locate, trace depth and map all types of buried utilities and services on your site, including plastic pipes and fibre optics. To achieve this, our surveyors use various methods and different pieces of technology including Electro-magnetic and GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) equipment. Once our surveyors have located the utilities and services on your site they can be presented in one of three ways:

Instant Site Mark-out:

When time is of the essence, our surveyors will literally mark our findings on the ground in colour-coded biodegradable water based paint.

Electronic Trail Holes / Slit trenches:

When a ‘snap shot’ of certain ‘pinch points’ are required, our findings can be recorded in the form of a report, including photograph, plan view and cross section, thus replacing the need to dig trial holes.

Full Utility Mapping:

Our findings are collected with a robotic total station and overlaid on your AutoCAD topographical survey in colour coded, separate layers, presenting you with a map of the underground services on your site.

Utility Report Desktop:

We are able to compile Statutory Authority plans and surveyed data to collate the hidden utilities into a single and comprehensive report. Subsurface investigation is a vital part of the planning process and by ensuring you have up to date information about features beneath the ground, you can mitigate against expensive delays, costs and potential litigation.
The report details subsurface features including water pipes, sewers, gas and oil pipelines, telecoms, power cables and fibre optic cables. As a result of our searches there is also the added bonus that many above ground plant features are also detailed such as national cable routes and more traditionally pole-mounted services.

The Utility Company supplied data can be conveniently digitised either on to an Ordnance Survey or topographic survey if required, in order to help see the wider picture with all services plotted together. Final reports can be supplied in a number of different formats including PDF, AutoCAD and hard copies.

Locate Surveys Ltd…

Our subsidiary company, Locate Surveys Ltd, was formed for this specialised service – to locate, trace depth and map all types of buried utilities and services. With their wealth of expertise and industry knowledge, together we have undertaken a number of large scale contracts throughout the UK. We look forward to the businesses going from strength to strength.  For further information, click here>>


CCTV: Drainage Survey & Reporting

Our CCTV Drainage specialists are able to incorporate a full CCTV report and condition survey as part of a wider project which requires additional surveying services.  Often used to complement a utility survey, a CCTV survey provides condition, accessibility and the dimensions of drainage systems.

Why use us?

  • You can save time, money and a lot of unnecessary mess.
  • We provide a video showing the condition of your actual drains.
  • You will be dealing with an accredited Company with an excellent track record of high quality work.

Only the very latest CCTV drain survey technology is used to provide detailed inspections of a drain or pipe system below ground or above ground in areas not readily accessible. Using camera equipment capable of surveying small bore pipes from 50mm diameter to large bore pipes up to 900mm diameter we are able to precisely examine and identify any problem areas.  CCTV crawler units enter the drainage system and traverse between access points providing detailed video of the system. Each section of drainage is recorded and reported in conjunction with a system plan.

Providing a professional CCTV drain survey camera service that can save you time, money and a lot of unnecessary mess when trying to locate a problem, you will be supplied with a summary of the situation and outline recommendations for problem resolution and the repairs. Once this is provided, a specialist team will then be available to carry out the recommendations on request.

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