Rail Infrastructure

Rail Infrastructure

Why use Survey Systems?

Do you know your crossing nose from your hinge point, very probably; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. More importantly does your surveyor understand these terms and all those other terms that suggest “railspeak” is distinct dialect of the English language.

The surveyors at Survey Systems do, but they admit that this was not always the case. We recognised shortly after privatisation that gaining a PTS card was just the start of the re-education of surveyors whose professional experience had been gained entirely outside the rail sector.

When looking for survey support the rail engineer should be considering 3 priority requirements.

  1. Survey knowledge / experience
  2. Rail knowledge / experience
  3. Capacity

There are a host of independent survey companies capable of providing thoroughly reliable, professional surveys, however not all have experience trackside and only a handful have sufficient resources to meet the requirements to perform rail surveys and meet the needs of the industry.

As a result Survey Systems Ltd is one of the few combining 3 essential elements to providing quality survey support to the rail industry. The first is a thorough grounding in survey as our surveyors are employed full time, the second is an understanding of sector specific requirements and the third is a large group of PTS qualified staff.

Having got their surveyors up to speed regarding track survey, Survey Systems did not rest on their laurels. It was recognised that there other aspects of infrastructure measurement for which it made sense that responsibility for such measurement should be vested with the topographic surveyor for reasons of efficiency. We have worked closely with our clients exploring ways in which they can extend the measurement remit. Over time we have added CAT scanning, platform gauging, structure profiling and OLE height and stagger to their portfolio of services.

Needless to say we are always looking to extend this.

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