Precision Monitoring

Precision Monitoring

Building & Structural Deformation

Movement within structures has traditionally been carried out using devices such as strain gauges and tell-tales. These have been restricted to specific, localised areas.

The necessity to monitor potentially dangerous structures, for instance dams and nuclear power stations, coupled with advancements in survey equipment and processing software, has meant that deformation monitoring is an area of Engineering Survey that continues to expand. Complex schemes can now be undertaken efficiently, often from outside any area of potential movement. This gives the surveyor the ability to identify 3-dimensional movement, both within a structure and of the structure as a whole.

Survey Systems have extensive experience in the field of deformation monitoring. We have been involved in many schemes monitoring the effects of new construction projects as well as those connected with natural forces.

Every monitoring project is different and provides its own unique challenge. Our experience allows us to develop a monitoring strategy tailored to our clients’ specific requirements in terms of components/locations to be monitored, accuracy and frequency, etc.

We are able to utilise our large resource of highly accurate survey instrumentation for specific monitoring tasks. Amongst other methods, this includes precise digital levels capable of measuring vertical height changes to fractions of a millimetre and high specification total stations for determining horizontal movement.

We have many years’ experience in the construction and survey industry and collectively have extensive experience covering all aspects of deformation monitoring. This means we are able provide our clients with quality deformation monitoring data in a clear and understandable format, with which they can have total confidence.

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