Data & Estate Management

Data & Estate Management

Accurate Plans : Land, Measured Building & Utilities

The basis of knowing what you have and where it is can be as simple as referring to an accurate plan. A detailed Topographic (land) Survey plan will show all above ground features, but this can also incorporate a full Utility Survey where the very latest Ground Radar Technology is used to show the position of buried services, including the depth. If you add into the equation a detailed Measured Building Survey (floorplans, elevations & sections) of the buildings on site, then an extremely detailed and accurate overview of the Estate can be produced and therefore managed.

We have vast experience in undertaking such projects for Estates Departments, including:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Breweries
  • Estate Management Companies
  • Hotel Chains

GIS Data Capture

The most common form of GIS data is based on topographic features – that is, the features that make up the physical structure of the land surface. Topography includes the relief of an area (the shape of its surface) and the position of both natural and man-made features.

We use state-of-the-art technology including 3D laser Scanners, GIS, CAD, digital imagery and photogrammetry to provide detailed, site-specific information which can be used to manage assets across areas of any size, and streamline projects to save clients time and money, thus simplifying complex data into a presentable, user-friendly format

Heritage Recording

As the continued development progresses around us, the need to record the historic structures, buildings and places that surround us becomes ever more important.

To accurately measure these sites and structures is paramount, and by using a combination of technologies, either together or as a standalone method, the data can form the basis for records, deformation or deterioration monitoring and preservation planning for the future. We can provide you with High resolution photography, 2D plans, elevations and sections, 3D models as wire frames, rendered or photorealistic, or a combination of each.

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