3D Laser Scanning

The latest high definition instruments have the ability to have both good distance and accuracy

Point Cloud

Modern survey instruments use a laser for measuring work on the principle of sending out a beam of light (laser) every time the button on the instrument is pressed; this beam of light bounces off any given target such as a single point on a structure.

The beam of light when bouncing off the given structure returns to the instrument and the time taken for the beam of light to reach and return from the fixed point on the structure is recorded. The time taken gives an accurate distance the fixed point is from the instrument, whilst in turn the instrument calculates and records the angle of the instrument when it sends and receives back the beam of light. The calculation of angle, time and distance give a fixed measured point in time and space and this is utilised to provide survey data.

The difference with laser scanning; albeit whilst in principle using the same beam of light (laser light), is that the instrument sends out thousands of beams of light per second to scan a structure with many fixed measured points forming what looks like a low resolution digital photograph, but is in fact a 3 dimensional model made up of lots of points in a grid pattern; with each point being a fixed and measured point having both position and distance ie a 3D point; the resulting image therefore looks like a low resolution photograph, but is in fact what is known widely throughout the laser scanning industry as a pointcloud. The advantages of this type of survey is that many millions of survey points are captured, not only providing a low resolution image, but with each and every point of that image being a measured point; therefore capturing huge amounts of three dimensional survey data.

The latest high definition instruments have the ability to have both good distance and accuracy, making them viable for a wider range of uses and in particular for the surveying of buildings and structures to survey standards of deviation. Although as with all instruments, laser scanners have their limitations, they are ideally suited to the capture and recording of survey data from complex structures and/ or structures with poor access.

The flexibility of High Definition Surveying (Laser Scanning) can be used to capture images and surveys of anything where a 3D model would be beneficial. These could include Buildings, Rock Face, Quarries, Statues and Historical Monuments, Archaeological Recording, Mechanical and Electrical Plant, Ducting and Wiring.

3D CAD Modeling

With the increased use of 3D design software within all industries, full 3D models of buildings instead of traditional 2D floor plans and elevations has become an increasing requirement. Helping people to understand how a proposed building will fit into a street scene or demonstrating what the internal layout of a refurbished property will look like can overcome objections and allow changes to be made prior to planning or construction.

Utilising the latest technology, Survey Systems are able to capture data in 3D both traditionally and with Laser Scanners and then produce detailed 3D models.

A 3D street scene survey with rendered elevations can be produced for potential or existing developments to assist in both the planning and marketing stages of the project.

We can provide you with:

  • 3D CAD models of any structure or building
  • 3D CAD models of internal building structures
  • 3D digital terrain models of land
  • Wire frame or rendered models
  • Digital street scene photography
  • Digital or printed visualizations
  • Video fly- throughs

We pride ourselves in being creative and using the very latest technology to provide stunning, passionate imagery to really bring your concepts to LIFE. We can produce many different styles of computer generated imagery (CGI) to suit any scenario, on time and within budget. A number of high end workstations in conjunction with talented digital artists enable our preferred partner, VidaUK (www.vidaUK.co.uk) to produce superior digital imagery.

Our Key Visualisations will enable:

  • The ability to sell off plan and gain maximum sales revenue.
  • Councils / Architects to accurately assess the proposals within their true environment.
  • A new perspective to be brought to the design team enabling a more in depth design review.

All our photography is taken using a professional DSLR camera with top of the range EF(L) lenses enabling Hi Resolution A2 photos to be used in the montage with CGI. This gives outstanding results for any planning application or advertising work.

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