Our in-house knowledge and experience encompass a broad range of surveying disciplines; topographic survey, internal and exterior measured building surveys, structural monitoring, underground service tracing, GPS, and arboricultural surveying are also available. To learn more about each of these disciplines simply click one of the links in the expanded surveying menu to your right.

Projects can be as simple or as complex as our clients determine or the nature of the site demands. In some instances it may be advantageous to combine more than one surveying discipline within a single project. For example, whilst conducting a topographical survey prior to design and construction, we may be required to incorporate an underground services tracing exercise to map the location of buried utilities as part of our final plan.

Utilising Advanced Technology

Our primary tool for data capture is Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) technology in the form of standard or reflectorless Total Stations. Such instruments provide measurements for three-dimensional co-ordinates, the resulting information being stored electronically via an on-board Data Logger.

Once the field portion of a survey is complete, the data is downloaded in the office for manipulation and quality control checks using the latest MX™ (MOSS) software. Once an accurate digital model of the terrain and feature location has been created, this data is transferred to our CAD department where final manipulation and annotation is performed using the latest versions of AutoCAD™ and AutoCAD-LT™.

Free No Obligation Quotation

All members of our full time estimating team are professional senior surveyors who will be happy to discuss any potential project in a knowledgeable and friendly manner. Once your needs have been identified we will provide a free quotation including details of what information will be provided together with the accuracy of detail.

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