A Staircase in Singapore goes Spiral

Survey Systems was recently contracted to measure a spiral staircase in Singapore, with the purpose of creating a 3D CAD model for the manufacture of an ornate spiral banister.

Our client specialises in the manufacture and fitting of sculptural staircase installations and for this project required an accurate and detailed 3D CAD model of the recently constructed spiral staircase in order to assist with their design.

Survey Systems carried out a full laser scan to create a comprehensive high-resolution PointCloud of the staircase over 3 floors.  Being in Singapore, completeness and accuracy was paramount as there was no returning to site once the job was finished; So redundancy was built in from the start and the survey was actually completed twice in order to ensure that nothing was missed.  Once back in Manchester, work began to convert the PointCloud into a 3D model that the client could use with their specific design software.

Apart from the speed, accuracy and completeness of using the laser scanner, one extra benefit of having scanned the staircase was that some time after the drawings had been issued the client got in touch to ask if we were able to supply some additional detail to the CAD model that had they not originally requested.  It was a straightforward task to load up the PointCloud, take some measurements and present them to the relieved client 30 minutes later.

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